WissIntra NG 1.2.22424.0

Last Updated 2017/09/20

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.22424.0.

General changes

Default folder and default location

You can now define a default folder and default location in your profile settings (For group users in the user management).

Profile Settings

After choosing a default folder it will be automatically selected when a user navigates to the document manager via the navigation bar or e.g. he tries to add a document to a process.

When a user logs in to WissIntra NG he is directly redirected to his default location. If he didn't choose a specific default location he is redirected to his last location.

Changes to the Audit Manager

Team members are displayed in the table

You can now display the audit team members in the table of the audit manager by selecting them in the table options. Thus you can see all people involved in the audit at a glance.


Table Options

Link to linked processes

The links to linked processes are now displayed in an audit, if the criterion was added via "Assign criterion -> from Process".

Deletion of audit criteria

After deleting a criterion the position in the criteria modal is kept.

Preview of the Risk Manager

There is something new

We extended WissIntra NG after numerous wishes with a Risk Manager. Officially this is still a Beta version that we make available free of charge for a limited time for our customers.

Beta means for us that we are right before the release of the first final version, but that there might be changes to some smalller features. The Risk Manager is immediately productively usable and ran through our normal test procedure.

Before you get started

You can authorise the use of the Risk Manager like any other WissIntra NG module in the settings. As long as you don't change any permissions for your users, only administrators will be able to see the Risk Manager.
To give further users access to the new module you can either create a new specific Risk Manager role in "Settings -> Roles" and assign this role to them or you can extend the permission of existing roles.

A Risk is an event with possible positive or negative effects. To reevaluate these events regularly you have to assign every risk evaluation to an evaluation period. These you can define like the risk areas in the settings.

Risk settings

We recommend to evaluate your risks yearly, unless there are differing requirements.

Evaluation periods

Every risk has to have an evaluation period as well as a risk area assigned to it.

Risk areas

Evaluation periods and risk areas apply across all locations.

Creating new evaluation periods

You can create as many risk evaluations as you wish in the WissIntra NG Risk Manager for every one of your locations. These evaluations are assigned to the evaluation periods and risk areas you have created beforehand.

Risk manager

To every risk you can add the most important information, you can define the people responsible for managing it and you can link processes that are affected by it.

Edit risk

Evaluating risks

The evaluation of a risk is visualised in a risk matrix.

Risk Matrix

Managing risks

By combining the Risk Manager with the Action Manager you can effectively manage your risks in WissIntra NG. You can directly create actions in your risk and define if they shall maximise the opportunity or minimise the threat.

Risk Management

Further functions

Last but not least you can also print a risk evaluation, you can create a new one (for another evaluation period) oder delete the current evaluation by choosing the respective action in the "More" drop-down list.

Further information

If you want to know more about the Risk manager you can find a german quick guide (Kurzanleitung) in our Kundenzentrum. A english guide follows soon.

If you are absolutely sure that you do not want to use the WissIntra NG Risk Manager then you can easily deactivate it in the web.config. You can find this file in "C:\inetpub\wwwroot\WissIntraNG". Please change in the <appSettings> part the value for "WissIntra.DisableRMTest" as follows and restart the application server:

<add key="WissIntra.DisableRMTest" value="true" />

We wish our customers a lot of fun and success with our new Risk Manager. Should you have any questions or remarks regarding the Risk Manager feel free to contact me directly via the contact form (bottom right "Ihr Direktkontakt!"). I am looking forward to your feedback.