WissIntra NG 1.2.21021.0

Last Updated 2017/07/17

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.21021.0

Critical Changes

Please note that with version 1.2 the system requirements for WissIntra NG have changed!

  • Update from.Net 4.6 to.Net 4.6.2
  • Windows Server 2008 is no longer supported (WS 2008 R2 is not affected)
  • Windows Server 2016 is now supported

If not already installed the setup automatically installs .Net 4.6.2 and restarts the server.

General Changes

Revised Layout

We have reworked the layout of WissIntra NG to increase the information density on the one hand and on the other hand to make the system appear more straightforward. For example, the new login is shown below.


We have activated the option “Remember me“ by default and, in order to follow our own design guidelines, put the login button in first place.

Re-design of the cockpit

In the default colour theme, the cockpit boxes are now highlighted in corresponding module colour.


Display of unique IDs

We now display a unique ID in the modal for processes, audits, actions and documents. This ID allows the permanent identification of an object in WissIntra NG. The ID remains unchanged as long as the object exists. Unfortunately, a search for the IDs is currently not available, but we have that on schedule.

Prozess ID im Modal

Table filters and table settings

The table filters as well as the chosen columns within the Document, Audit and Action Manager are now automatically kept for all locations.

Save after logout

So far, the save buttons have been deactivated when a user tried to save his changes after a session timeout. The save buttons are now automatically re-enabled after the user entered his login data again. Before a simple change would have re-enabled the save buttons as well.

Changes in the Process Manager

Separation of the interface and content language

You can now switch the languages for the interface and the content separately. We have developed this function specifically for international companies who do not want to maintain their processes in all languages.

Prozessmanager Zweisprachig

Improved matrix performance

The matrix within the Process Manager now benefits from some optimization that we have done in the background. This led to a significant performance increase.

Compare view in the history

We have revised the compare view in the history in order to show the differences between the old and the new versions more clearly. Now, the old value is shown on the left and the new value is displayed on the right. Removed content is highlighted in red, new content in green.


Process approval workflow

We are still working on completing the process approval workflow. There are some open tasks left and certain features require a bit more work before we are comfortable to deliver this feature. We are very sorry for the delay since we understand how important this feature is for our customers.

Changes to the Action Manager

Filter tasks

We added a filter for tasks in the Action Manager. This allows filtering the tasks within an action by status and responsibility.

Action filter

Users who are only responsible for a certain task will automatically get a filtered view with only their tasks.

Print actions

It is now possible to print individual actions. To do this, navigate to More at the bottom left of the action modal and select Print. You will get, similar to the Process Manager, a PDF file containing the content of the action.

Print action

Changes in the Audit Manager

Reduced number of tabs

We have combined the tabs Criteria and Rating in one tab. Until now, almost the same information have been displayed in both tabs. By combining those, we want to reduce the amount of redundant information on the one hand. On the other hand, we expect a better performance of the Audit Manager, especially on clients that mainly use the Internet Explorer.

The option to rate audit questions can now be found in the tab Criteria. We didn’t change any functionality of the rating options.

Filter criteria tab

Similar to the Action Manager, it is now possible to filter within the Audit Manager modals. We have implemented this function in the tab Criteria. As you can see in the following picture, the criteria can be filtered by a free text, a chapter or by an assigned action (yes/no).

Filter criteria

Changes in the Document Manager

All Documents

The All Documents button is now available in the Document Manager. For this, we restructured the table in a way that even a large number of documents can be displayed more quickly. Due to the necessary permission queries it can still lead to longer loading times. Overall, however, the Document Manager should load faster with the next update. We have also improved the use of the number of CPUs available for WissIntra NG.

New way of displaying linked objects

We have optimized the way in which linked objects are displayed in the Document Manager. Now they are split according to the corresponding modules.

Document links

Alphabetically sorted document types

It is just a small thing, but now all document types are sorted alphabetically.


Performance of user management

We have significantly increased the performance of the user management. This change will particularly be visible for customers with more than 1,000 users. In our internal tests, we were even able to open the user table with 10,000 users with almost no waiting times.

At the same time, we have also improved the performance and stability of the LDAP interface (for the MS Active Directory). There may still be a short waiting time; however, this should be much lower than before. 

Simplified passwords

Due to various customer feedback, we significantly simplified the passwords generated by WissIntra NG. The passwords now only contain uppercase and lowercase letters.

Initiator as approver

In the approval workflow, it is now no longer possible, to set the initiator as approver by using a workaround.