WissIntra NG 1.2.26580.0 (English)

Last Updated 2023/11/02

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26580.0.

Changes in General

We support SQL Server 2022, now.

Configuration of tables

From now, you can configure your own tables in WissIntra as you need them.

Using the table settings, you can show all the columns you need in the various managers or settings, as well as hide the columns which are irrelevant to you.

By drag and drop, you can move the columns and arrange them in the position you want.

Changes in the Process Manager

Search function for coupling and copying

If you want to copy or link a process or even just an instruction, the new search function above the process selection makes it easier for you to search for your desired process or for the desired instruction, now.

Numbering of instructions

All instructions are numbered, now. This means that the order of the instructions is clearly defined.

If the numbering needs to be changed later, then the order of the individual instructions can be adjusted as usual in the editing mode by drag and drop.

Changes in the Action Manager

Delete function for the main task

You can delete a main task from the Tasks tab of an action. To do this, switch to edit mode. Next to the main task you will see a small recycle bin icon. Use it to delete the main task.

Show linked risk

 Is your action linked to a risk? Now you can see the link to the corresponding risk directly in your action.

To do this, open your desired action and look at the Linked Risks item on the Finding tab.

Changes in the Audit Manager

Delete multiple selected audit criteria

You create an audit and add audit criteria, but accidentally add a whole bunch of wrong ones? In WissIntra you have the possibility to delete several selected audit criteria at once, now. Use the checkboxes next to the trash symbol and click on the Remove button above.

Additional report filters - Audited criteria

 Have you split the audit criteria for a guideline into different audit programmes? And are you struggling to keep track of which criteria have already been audited?

Then help is at hand! Now, you can filter the Audited Criteria report by audit programme.

Changes in the settings (Administration)

Login settings for users

As from now, the administrator can define in the settings how often a user may log in incorrectly before being blocked for a certain period of time.

The duration of the blocking can also be defined by the administrator in the General Settings.

In this example, the following message appears after three incorrect entries:

However, the administrator has the option to unlock this user again. To do this, he have to go to the user management and select the user. The user can now be unlocked again in the editing mode under "More".

Modifications in the export of guidelines

An Excel export of Guidelines can be exported in the „Audit Manager – Guidelines“ settings. From now on, the "Check possibility" column will also be exported.


  • Bug fixed [process manager]:
    process history is not running in time out error anymore.
  • Document manager:
    While moving a document in the table view, the button “Move to folder” is highlighted in colour, now.
  • General:
    The loading bar is visible in different areas, now. This visualizes the user which data has already been loaded and which not.
  • General:
    The cursor jumps directly into the first input field when opening an edit mask, now. This way, the user does not have to make the first click anymore to fill out the mask.
  • General:
    Now, synonyms can also be entered by clicking the “new lexicon entry” icon in the text areas.
  • General:
    All modals have a spell checker, now.
  • Audit manager:
    In the Tab “Report” the titles have been partially realigned and additional sections have been added.
  • Risk Manager:
    In the Risk Management report, the layout in the PDF has been optimised.
  • Process Manager:
    No longer does an error message appear in the search when searching for a coupled instruction whose process has not yet been approved.
  • Action Manager:
    In the history, changes for a substitute are displayed in the correct field, now.


We have already delivered the following changes or bug fixes in a hotfix in July 2023:

  • Audit manager:
    In the “Audited Criteria” report, all audit criteria are sorted by chapter number, now.
  • Document manager:
    The button "Clear filter" in the area of checked out documents is no longer available twice.
  • Audit manager:
    All image files in the Turtle analysis are available in the print view again.
  • Action manager:
    The table setting "Substitute" causes no longer display problems.
  • Process manager:
    Uncoupling an instruction, is possible with a click on the – symbol, now. An additional confirmation request appears, now.


The prioritization of all open ideas and requirements described in the last release notes has been completed. Thematic development packages are currently being set together from these in order to be able to implement them in a targeted manner in the future. In addition, a product roadmap is being planned, which should provide more transparency with regard to the planned further development. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact our WissIntra support servicedesk@kuk-is.de