WissIntra NG 1.2.25171.0

Last Updated 2018/09/28

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.25171.0.


We would like to inform you that the support for Windows server 2008 R2 and SQL Server 2008 R2 will be terminated as of December 31, 2018.

General Changes

Redesigned and new colour theme

In the profile settings you will find the two new colour themes "Camellia" (pink/grey) and "Antarctica" (blue/grey). The existing colour theme "Psychedelic" has been replaced by "Camellia".

Save individual table views

In tables, you have now the option of saving the table columns and filters you have specified. This gives you quick and easy access to the information that is relevant for you.

Parent nodes in the sidebar directly opened on click

Until now, various entries in the sidebar, such as "Action programmes" or "Task overview", could only be opened using the arrow on the left. Now, the lower branches of the tree structure are also displayed if you click directly on the name of the parent node. In addition, the corresponding page of the parent node is loaded if there is a view for it.

Deleted entries in drop-down filters

In various drop-down filter, all entries have been offered for selection, regardless of whether they were selected in one of the objects or whether the entry had already been deleted in the settings. Now, only those entries are displayed in the filter that are actually selected within the objects in the corresponding field.

Optimized position of the "Valid to" icon

In modals where linked documents are displayed, the "Valid to" icon has now been positioned in a way that it is easier to recognize.

Changes in the Risk Manager

Changed order of "Effect" and "Probability"

In reaction to feedback from customers and auditors, we decided to swap the two fields "Impact" and "Probability".

Changes in the Action Manager

Improved printing for the action manager

In order to improve the performance of the printing process, the printing function in the Action Manager was upgraded to a new technology.

Recycle bin for deleted actions

From now on, you have the option of having your administrator activate the recycle bin for actions in the settings area. As a result, deleted actions are not deleted from the system immediately, but moved to the virtual folder "Recycle bin". It can be defined how long the actions should remain in the recycle bin before they are finally removed from the system. The administrator can also restore the actions from the trash under certain conditions.

More detailed input for "Avoidance of CO2 emissions" possible

If you have licensed the extension "Energy Actions" for the Action Manager, you can now specify the information in the fields "Planned" and "Actual Avoidance of CO2 Emissions" with two decimal digits.


  • Improved performance regarding loading time of objects with a lot of tags and in the Action Manager
  • Improvement and correction of errors regarding filters and table columns
  • Optimization of the display of icons, buttons, etc.
  • New languages Brazilian-Portuguese and Thai available
  • Fixed: Re-installation with only one language that is not en-GB caused errors.
  • Fixed printing error: The WissIntra URL entered in the settings is now used for the header and footer.
  • The system now prevents the last location from being deleted.
  • The changes made to user data by the nightly synchronization are now performed by a system user. Previously, the user's name was always saved as the user who made the change.
  • Missing or misleading resource texts have been added and optimized.