WissIntra NG 1.2.23575.0

Last Updated 2018/01/24

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.23575.0.

General Changes

CAUTION! Changed specification of server addresses in the settings for notifications!

In the settings for the notifications, the previously used „WissIntra URL“ has been replaced by the entries „External server address“ and „Internal server address“.

The external server address is used for the links within the notification e-mails and reports. Usually it is http://Servername/wissintrang.

WissIntra NG uses the internal server address to access WissIntra NG for sending e-mails. Usually it is http://localhost/wissintrang.

When you perform the update of WissIntra NG, both fields are updated with the WissIntra URL entered so far. If you encounter any problems with sending e-mails, please change the server addresses as described above.

Favourites can be removed from the Favourites list via the modal

Until now, you could only remove your saved favourites from the favourites list using the cockpit box „My Favourites“. This is now also possible directly in the object saved as a favourite via “More – Remove from favourites”.

Overview of users, roles and functions

As administrator, you now get an overview of the users created in WissIntra NG with their assigned roles and functions per location in the Settings under User Management. The locations can be displayed flexibly using the table settings.

Direct access to the WissIntra NG manuals and Release Notes

The manuals are now directly accessible via the WissIntra NG navigation bar.

In addition, you will receive detailed information about the installed release, any available updates as well as the current Release Notes.

Changes in the Process Manager

Process loopings in the Swimlane

In the Swimlane, you can now also connect the process cards from right to left. This makes it possible, to display process loopings. However, backwards connections on the same level are not supported.

Move the function lanes in the Swimlane

In the Swimane, the process landscape can quickly get confusing. Sometimes it is helpful to move the function lanes among each other.

Just like the individual process cards, entire function lanes can now be moved using drag & drop.

Existing connections between process cards are correctly transferred and updated.

Editing the first column within a Swimlane

You have now the option to use the first column of all function lanes of a Swimlane process landscape flexibly according to your requirements. You can create, edit and delete processes and move existing process cards there.

Date and user that made the last changes in a process level

In the Process Manager, the system displays at the bottom left of each level when and by whom the last change was made within this level.

History for process colour changes

The process history and the history of an individual process card now also shows changes of the process colour.

Changes in the Action Manager

Possibility of relocation when copying an action

You have now the option of copying an action to an action program at another location. After copying, you will be automatically forwarded to the copy of the action at the selected location.

Clearer display of the origin of a measure

Within the action modal, the fields containing information about the origin of the action have been restructured and arranged more clearly.

Verification date is no longer mandatory

The field „Verification date“ in the tab „Effectiveness“ is no longer a mandatory field. This gives you more flexibility in creating actions.

Changes in the Audit Manager

Remove all criteria of an audit

If you want to remove all criteria assigned to an audit, you previously had to delete each criterion individually. Now you have the possibility to do this in one step via “Remove all criteria”.

Selection of the audit type when copying an audit

The different audit types in the Audit Manager allow you to assign different combinations of guidelines and / or teams to the audit. The current update allows you to change the audit type and thus the assignment of guidelines and teams when copying an audit.

Changes in the Document Manager

Setting the default folder directly in the Document Manger

Since one of the last updates, you have already been able to set a default folder in the profile settings. This folder is automatically opened when the Document Manager is started or when documents are uploaded. This setting is now also possible directly within the Document Manger by selecting the bookmark icon next to the title of the corresponding folder. The current default folder is indicated by this icon in the sidebar on the left.


  • The filter results in the Audit and Action Manager are now displayed including the total number.
  • The label “Program” in the audit and action modal has been changed to “Audit program” and “Action program” to ensure continuous naming.
  • Fixed display errors of modals in full screen mode.
  • Optimization of the scroll position after creating, saving or editing within modals.