WissIntra NG 1.2.26474.0 (English)

Last Updated 2023/01/26

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26474.0.

Changes in the Process Manager

New Level – Display of the title

When creating a new level, the title of the process card under which the new level is created is now displayed in the heading at the top.

Swimlane – highlighted allocation

A blue highlighted allocation in the swimlane ensure a better overview now.

As soon as you move the mouse over a relevant process, the associated connections, connection texts and process are highlighted.  


Changes in the Action Manager

Action history

As already known from other modules of WissIntra, the history of an action can now be viewed under the “More” button.

In addition to the user and the date, it also contains information about the changes which are made.

Note: The history starts with the day of implementation of this function. A history with the past actions is not possible.

Traffic lights

A traffic light for the deviation of progress is now displayed in the action manager.

The start and end date fields as well as the progress field are relevant for this display. These are set in relation to each other in order to obtain a target/actual deviation.

A formula and an example illustrate the progress deviation, now.

Example – action (paint 10 chairs):

The traffic light contains different tolerance levels (red, yellow and green) those can be defined in the settings. The default values after the release are not guideline values, they are only an example and must be defined by each company itself.

An action with the status "checked for effectiveness" and a 100% progress is displayed with the traffic light colour blue.

The grey traffic light is displayed for all actions of which the End date field has not been filled.

Note: If you don‘t want to use this function, it can be deactivated by the administrator in the settings.

After the release, the value 0 is entered for all existing measures, for which the progress field has not been maintained. As a result, the traffic light of past measures after the release are set to red. If you want to change this, the progress field must be filled in accordingly for the past action.

Changes in the Risk Manager

Pre-selected evaluation period when creating a new risk

When creating a risk within an evaluation period, the selected evaluation period now automatically appears in the editing screen.

Changes in the Audit Manager

New Report for Audited Criteria ISO

In the new report “Audited Criteria ISO”, you get an overview of all criteria from one or more guidelines during a selected period.

At one glance you an see which criteria are assigned to a process and which criteria have no process assignment at all. You can also see if the criteria is part of one audit or several audits in the desired period. The column Overall shows you the number of all links of the criterion (regardless of the selected period).

The guidelines are displayed in the criteria inside the audit report

In addition to the chapter, the corresponding guideline for a criterion is also displayed in the audit report, now. This makes work easier for auditors.

The total number of criteria is displayed in the audit report

The report tab and the print displays the total number of criteria. Auditors can see at a single glance how many criteria they have already assessed and how many still need to be assessed.


Changes in the settings (Administration)

New filter "Show importable users” in the User Management

The button „Show importable users“ can be used to filter the entries in the LDAP users list for importable users. Due to this change, only “non-imported users" are displayed now, which can finally be imported directly from the Active Directory. Alternatively, all users can still be displayed.

Notifications after expiry of the validity date for tasks

Up to now, it was only possible to create a notification before expiration. In future, it will also be possible to define that after a definable number of days following the expiration of a task, certain roles/users will be notified of this by e-mail.



  • Bug fixed [settings]:
    Deleted users will no longer receive emails.
  • Action Manager: The fields "planned savings" and "planned costs" don’t show a currency symbol anymore. This makes it easier for users to work in Excel.
  • Bug fixed [Process Manager]:
    After deleting multiple coupled interfaces, the edit mode is updated now.
  • Bug fixed [settings]:
    Notification text for "expired action" was adjusted.
  • Bug fixed [Action Manager]:
    Report of an action had a misaligned text
  • Bug fixed [Action Manager]:
    Missing table description for the column “verification – status” was corrected.
  • Process Manager: While adding criteria in the process manager, the audit questions are now sorted according to the treeview.
  • All managers: Inserting tables in a free text field via the toolbar is possible in all managers, now.


The prioritization of all open ideas and requirements described in the last release notes has been completed. Thematic development packages are currently being set together from these in order to be able to implement them in a targeted manner in the future. In addition, a product roadmap is being planned, which should provide more transparency with regard to the planned further development. If you have any comments or questions, please do not hesitate to contact the responsible product manager Pascal Lottmann (Pascal.Lottmann@kuk-is.de).