WissIntra NG 1.2.26307.0 (English)

Last Updated 2022/01/24

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26307.0.


We would like to inform you that support for Windows Server 2012 R2 will be discontinued on May 31, 2022. As announced in the last release notes, the function "Access restricted?" when creating new documents or editing existing ones is being removed from the next release of WissIntra. Due to more targeted control of access through the Roles and Functions of users in WissIntra it has become superfluous. If this information has not reached you in advance and you still have questions about alternative control of access, please contact us.

Changes in the Process Manager

Adjustment of the view when filling a turtle analysis

Many users do not use every field on the Turtle Analysis tab of a process. There was a lot of scrolling involved in entering information in the appropriate fields. To reduce this effort, the view was adjusted as seen below. While editing, clicking in one of the fields opens the input field again as usual:


(View: Collapsed fields)

(View: An expanded input field)


Deleting a process now deletes its document links and coupled instructions

If a process with coupled instructions is deleted, all instructions are also deleted - together with the corresponding document links. This means that there are no “dead” document links in the system (neither in the process nor in the instructions).


Display of attached documents when coupling / copying processes

To see at a glance whether a process that is to be coupled or copied has documents attached, the small document icon with an explanatory tooltip is now also displayed in the tree view and process card:


Display of attached documents in the Interdependency-View

When displaying the interdependency, the attachment of documents to the respective processes is also evident by the document icon and tooltip:


Display of attached documents when coupling / copying instructions

When coupling / copying an instruction, attached documents to it are also displayed with the document icon and explanatory tooltip besides the title:


Changes in the Audit Manager

New filters in the "Criteria" tab

In the future, the audit criteria can also be filtered according to their assessment and finding type:


Automatic numbering and free arrangement of the audit criteria 

Audit criteria will be numbered automatically in the future. Additionally, their order can be changed (by drag & drop). After saving, the numbering automatically adapts to the new ranking of the criteria:


Changes in the Risk Manager

New table column "Category" in the risk overview

In future, the "Category" can be selected via the table options and displayed. This makes it possible to filter the risks according to their assigned category.



  • Bug fixed: Input field for external e-mail addresses in the settings for notifications repaired: the input is now again over the entire field and is not cut off.
  • Bug fixed: Coupled processes are only approved via the approval of the original process. A coupled, not approved process can therefore not be approved individually. Previously, the possibility of approval was incorrectly displayed on the coupled process.


Here you will find functions that are currently in the process of being completed and will be included in the next release.

  • Action Manager: Additional substitutes can be added to an action
    Additional substitutes can be added to an action (as already in the process manager). The additional substitutes also receive mailings. The functionality works for English and German (DE and CH).
  • Risk Manager: Risk report - comparison matrix
    Under "More" there is a new function "Comparison matrix" that can be used to view the development of a risk over several years. The evaluation period can be freely selected and then visualized.
  • Bug fixed:
    Search terms containing special characters such as "-", "+" or "_" return now results when searched. WissIntra is able to search for the complete word combination (e.g. kick-off) and the correct one Display search result. There are no longer any problems when searching with "-", "+" or "_" in the .