WissIntra NG 1.2.26247.0 (English)

Last Updated 2021/10/11

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26247.0.


The "Access restricted?" function for creating or editing documents is already covered by the control of access via the document folder or processes. This makes this function superfluous. In order to streamline the system, the removal of this function is planned for the end of the year. If you have any concerns, please contact us in time.

General Changes

Document folder displayed next to document links in search

When a search term yields documents within search results, the name of the folder under which the document is stored is displayed in the parenthesis next to the document link.

Change in search results behaviour for single results

If your search has a single result, WissIntra NG will not try to open the corresponding modal dialog instantly anymore. It will show the normal search results page instead.
The only exception to this behavior is now that if there is only one search result and that result exactly matches the ID of a searched entity, the modal opens immediately the matching entity (e.g., that of a process).

Release notes subscription link

If a system administrator enables the option “Newsletter subscription” in the User Settings, users will have the opportunity to subscribe to the WissIntra NG release notes newsletter. A link pointing to the subscription page will be displayed in the “About WissIntra NG” modal dialog.

Add ID column to tables with selectable fields

It is now possible to add an ID column to all WissIntra NG tables where table options are allowed. Once the column is added to the table, the user can perform sort and filter operations on it.



Changes in the Process Manager

Document icon displayed at the bottom left corner

Process cards now show a document icon at the bottom left corner in case one or more documents are attached to process or to any other child elements of the process, such as instructions, description, etc.

Function dropdown fixed in Swimlane

Function dropdown in Swimlane row is now in a fixed position and remains visible when scrolling horizontally.


Changes in the Action Manager

Preselected location when choosing an Action programme

When creating or editing an Action, the Action programme tree will now automatically expand programmes within your current working location.


Changes in the Risk Manager

“Priority” added to Risks
New field “Priority” is now added to the Risk modal. The field is the result of a calculation based on the initial values of “Impact” and “Probability” found in Threat. If one of those or both values do not exist, the initial values of the fields “Impact” and “Probability” from Opportunity are taken as a calculation base. If - in turn - these do not exist either or are incomplete, the value is set then to “Not Set” (which is also the default value for a new Risk).
“Priority” can have 4 possible values:

These values represent a ratio between initial “Impact” and initial “Probability” on Threat/Opportunity (as explained above) and match the intersections visible in Threat and Opportunity matrices. According to this, the field itself is not editable - it can only be changed by changing the initial values of “Impact” and “Probability” in Threat/Probability attached to a Risk.
In addition to being displayed in detail/edit Risk view, “Priority” values are now added to the table options for Risks as well. “Priority” is a selectable column that can be filtered and/or sorted.



  • When there are no search results to show in the searched location, the search page will now show a hint instructing users to try searching in other locations.
  • “Last Login” field in the Users details modal is now renamed to “Session Login”.
  • Bug fixed: “Session Login” date in User details modal matches with the one displayed in Logged in users table.
  • Bug fixed: The value for Affected Area in Risk modals is now correctly displayed if there is no translation found.
  • Bug fixed: The documents attached to coupled instruction no longer appear multiplied.