WissIntra NG 1.2.26230.0 (English)

Last Updated 2021/07/26

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26230.0.

Changes in the Process Manager

Couple symbol of process instructions always visible

The symbol marking a process instruction as coupled is always visible now and not only in the edit mode.


Couple multilingual process instructions

If a multilingual process instruction is coupled, a hint will be displayed to warn the user that changing this instruction will not affect the other languages used for this instruction. This hint should remind the user to change the other translated instructions as well.


Better overview in selection of process instructions for coupling and copying

The overview within the selection of process instructions in the Process Manager has been improved. The process tabs are all initially collapsed now.


Better overview in selection of processes for coupling and copying

The overview within the selection of processes to couple/copy in the Process Manager has been improved. The current selected location is preselected, the other locations are collapsed now.

Changes in the Action Manager

Correct consideration of permissions when creating actions for other locations

The displayed location when creating new actions now considers the permissions of the active user correctly. A user needs at least the permission to create actions in a certain action programme in the desired location to see it in the selection.


New content fields for water, sewage and waste

Energy actions now also include content fields for water, sewage and waste.

Changes in the Audit Manager

Order changed in finding type selection

The order in the selection of finding types in an audit has been changed to display the hierarchy of evaluation properly. The last choice is „Best Practice“ now, as it is the best result to evaluate a finding type.

Clarification: Best Practice includes all requirements for „Completely Fulfilled“. As it represents the best reachable result, it can be used as a template for other areas and processes.


  • The button to create actions out of an audit is no longer visible when the system does not use an active license for the Action Manager.
  • Not approved processes are no longer available for the copy or couple functionality, if the user does not have the necessary permission to see it.
  • The correct manuals are now opened directly again in the WissIntra help menu.
  • When using the full screen mode, the messages (e.g. success message) no longer block functionalities on the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • The text in the settings section to activate the process approval has been updated and optimized.
  • Bug fixed: Decoupling a process instruction leads sometimes to loss of data.
  • Bug fixed: Creating or changing action programmes with specific configurations sometimes resulted in an internal server error.
  • Bug fixed: Using the process tree view sometimes leads to an internal server error, when elements could not be displayed below a process.
  • Bug fixed: Unapproved processes were sometimes invisible although the active user had the necessary permission to see them.
  • Bug fixed: Dislocation of content in the audit report.