WissIntra NG 1.2.26202.0 (English)

Last Updated 2021/06/01

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26202.0.


Microsoft started successively to end the support of the Internet Explorer 11 since the 30th November 2020. Until the 17th August 2021, the complete support will end, therefore WissIntra will also  cancel the support at the given time.

Since the 5th March 2021 Microsoft ended the support for the Microsoft Edge. It is no longer supported by WissIntra as well. The aforementioned Microsoft Edge is the HTML-based version of the browser that was released in July 2015. The new Chrome-based Edge with the same name will still be supported as Microsoft's official default browser.

As part of the further development of WissIntra, SQL Server 2014 will no longer be supported with the next official setup of this year (planned for the second quarter). This is necessary due to technical circumstances, as new functions do not work with this version.

Changes in the Process Manager

Approval of not approved child processes

It is now possible to approve processes existing in the layers below an unapproved process in one step. Just activate the checkbox  „Approve all child processes?“ when approving the superior process to approve all processes below as well.


Couple and copy of specific process instructions
Processes now have the function to copy or couple instructions. You can find the corresponding buttons under “More” in edit mode.


Select one or more instructions you want to copy or couple, similar to coupling/copying processes. The “?” displays the content of the description.


After confirmation took place, a copy of the respective instructions gets created. A coupled instruction is identifiable by a corresponding symbol.


A double-click on the couple symbol removes the linking and the coupled instruction becomes a simple copy.

When the coupling is active, all changes done in one linked instruction is transferred to all instructions. Please keep in mind that no so-called master-slave-connection is existing here. All instructions are on the same level of hierarchy, there exists no leading base.

Changes in the Audit Manager

Co-Auditors in audit report

The Co-Auditors are no longer located under the Participants. They are displayed as an  own content field in the audit report.


New finding types

Following the requirements of ISO 19011 and 9000 two new finding types have  been added into the ISO evaluation scheme. These are:

  • Best Practice
  • Completely fullfilled


Overview of finding types in audit report

The detected finding types are now displayed in an overview of the audit report as well. The new finding types are also included there.


Reorder of content fields in the audit modal

The order of content fields and  buttons in the audit modal have been adjusted in order to correspond more to the way an auditor works . Therefore the button to create actions moved below the input for findings. The content field „Comment“ moved to the end of the modal.

Changes in the Action Manager

Distribute actions to other locations

Until now it was necessary to be logged in to  the affected location to create an action. Due to these  changes,  it is now possible to select an action programme  no matter the location as long as the active user has the permission to. That allows the creation of actions for any location without changing locations.



  • In the Audit Manager, some finding types have been renamed. You can find now “Recommendation” instead of “Note” and “Opportunity for improvement” instead of “Improvement advice”.
  • Not approved processes will now be invisible in the search functionality, if the user does not match the necessary permission.
  • Bug fixed: Settings were not displayed properly when all modules are active.
  • Bug fixed: Restarting the IIS is no longer necessary after installing the last update of WissIntra.
  • Bug fixed: Printing a process lead sometimes to a critical error („Whoopsie!!“).
  • Bug fixed: It was not possible to delete an action programme although having the appropriate permission.