WissIntra NG 1.2.26165

Last Updated 2021/01/11

In the following, you will find information about the changes in WissIntra NG Release 1.2.26165.


Microsoft started successively to end the support of the Internet Explorer 11 since the 30th November 2020. Until the 17th August 2021 the complete support will end, therefore WissIntra also cancel the support at the given time.

If the update is not active after installation, please restart the Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS).

General changes

Searching for object ID

Every object in WissIntra, regardless of whether a document, audit, process, action, etc. has its own ID. This ID is displayed at the top right corner of the objects detail modal. It is now possible to search for this number, except for risks.


Location filter in search function

Environments owning many locations usually had the problem that the search functionality always included all locations. This sometimes resulted in extensive searching results. To get a clearer overview it is now possible to filter for locations.



Changes in the Process Manager

Process approval workflow

A new function has been released: The process approval workflow. In the first step this functionality only affects newly created processes. When the approval workflow is set to active, every new process is invisible until it is approved manually.


Not approved processes are colored like already known from the color theme of the approval manager and it is displayed transparent, but is only visible to users with permission.


Approving a process takes place on the process directly and can only be executed by users having the new “Approve” permission in the Process Manager.




  • Bug fixed: Timestamp in print was not displayed properly. The print now uses the correct server time for its timestamps.
  • Bug fixed: Failing LDAP connections no longer block working ones. If a connection fails it will now be marked instead of blocking the others.